The philosophy behind Space Ears

Why should you donate?

SpaceEars is a project entirely created in my (very little) spare time as a jazz musician and doctoral student in NY. The time I can invest to develop the game is greatly capped by the time I need to work in order to (barely) survive through rent, school and life expenses. If anyone who believes in this project could donate even one dollar, that would help immensely and motivate me to continue in this crazy adventure. If I could make a hundred dollars a month with donations, that would mean that a few of the many hours I work on SpaceEars are actually paid - even if at a minimum wage, which is extremely motivating and would give me the opportunity work lower hours. That’s why considering a monthly donation even if it is a dollar, it would help greatly. You can donate by . I keep a database of the supporters who donate and those who donate monthly, and they will gain special perks that I am in the process of establishing, following the model proposed by Sam Harris (pay as much as you can). I have often contemplated how our societies channel resources to very mundane and arguably useless endeavors. I truly believe SpaceEars could be a new and extremely fun way to practice ear training, and I am committed to release the bulk of it for free, and to make it rich and rewarding, and improve it based on the feedback of the users. If you endorse this moral goal, please support with a donation! Thank you.

… And why you should NOT donate!

As a doctoral student with very astringent budget, I want to reiterate that you should NOT donate if you have troubles making your ends meet and if this takes a toll in your economy. If donating $3 dollars this month is something that you have to keep account in your overall economy, than by all means: DO NOT donate, and know that I will be happy that you are using this game without donating. I have been and still am in a very similar predicament and I entirely understand! Furthermore, you can still support this game with your feedback or by sharing it with other people who would enjoy using SpaceEars. Thank you!