Contribute to Space Ears


The easiest way to contribute is sharing! Let other people know about Space Ears! Your musicians friends will be grateful for getting the change to play Space Ears.

I substantially avoid social medias - given the little time I have and the need to focus on developing. But I encourage you to share on any platform you prefer. I need the support and feedback of a community to make Space Ears the wonderful experience that it should be.

Another easy way to contribute to this project is by donating. Donate here. You can donate as little as you like, even a dollar helps. Especially if set up as a recurring donation, it works as constant dev budget for me. More on why you should donate here. I will credit all donors, in the way the prefer (if they want to be credited). These credits will also be in the final game.


I do some of the pixel art myself and rely on some other artists for graphic/visual work, among them Chris Balaskas submit any artwork, pixelart or illustrations. I paint myself so I like very artistic things. I suggest posting your work in the SpaceEars reddit sub:


I am a musician, composer, producer and jazz pianist Aleks Fadini so I do most of SpaceEars music myself. The brilliant and creative Brooklyn-based drummer Luke Markham is also lending his talent to the project. I love collaborations, and even though there is a roster of artists who will collaborate, feel free to contact me. If your music is unique I would definitely at least consider a collaboration.


I do most of the coding myself, occasionaly asking for help online in forums or reddit. Sometimes I get help from the brilliant Alex Horatio, who acts as a mentor to dial in what needs to happen - especially considered the current state of the Godot Engine (Godot is wonderful and challenging). If you would like to collaborate in coding Space Ears, there is space for contribution, especially if you have experience with Godot. Contact me via email or post on the relevant subreddit.