The world is battling a deadly virus, and 0.65 is out!

This release is not balanced in terms of gameplay, but it is way more polished than anything before.

New Features

  • added recharge indicator for each active module
  • added more than 20 new crazy modules, including quantum fart and GNOCCHI
  • added 1 mini-bosse, including Physsius
  • re-rebalanced first 4 levels and added updated dialogue
  • tweaked all music and added new soundtracks for each level
  • added 5 brand new spaceships
  • added a difficulty slider to offset unbalanced things
  • added 7 new types of enemies, including Behemoth and Bee
  • unlocked up to level 4
  • added a difficulty slider

Bug Fixes

  • knockback system much more responsive
  • tweaked collision feedback extensively
  • tweaked and darkened background elements further, improved parallax
  • fixed issues with slow down or sounds being chopped during test