Merry Christmas! 0.54 is out! This release is not balanced, but it is full of new features.

New Features

  • added progress bar for the whole level
  • revamped message system
  • added “melee” enemies (which bump into the ship)
  • added 2 mini-bosses, including Nebuloidus and Spintaxxor
  • modules are now flying to the right slot when picked up
  • rebalance first 3 levels
  • new soundtracks for each level
  • unlocked up to level 3, including Witch Head Nebula

Bug Fixes

  • collision system much more responsive
  • “tritons” will now be correctly spelled “tritones” (thanks LN)
  • uncluttered and darkened background elements
  • LCD message board now pauses the game, moved to the top